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History of UTCAP

The Utah Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (UTCAP) began under the name United Appraisers of Utah, and was formed in 2009 in the wake of the HVCC (home valuation code of conduct) legislation, as appraisers in Utah were striving to understand the new changes that were imposed onto the residential valuation industry, which for many appraisers were challenging. 

As the purpose and vision of the coalition began to take shape it quickly became apparent that appraisers in the state of Utah had very little representation. UAU began to give individual appraisers a united voice.

Since 2009 coalition board members, as well as many general members, have attended most every meeting of the Utah Division of Real Estate appraisal board meetings, one of the most important and influential meetings held in Utah to discuss the appraisal industry. UTCAP has been given tasks and opportunities to serve and give meaningful input to the Division of Real Estate appraisal board. (click here to see the Division of Real Estate appraisal board meeting schedule)

The UTCAP is a member organization of the Utah Appraiser Association (UAA), which is the main lobbying party for appraiser organizations in Utah. UTCAP holds 2 seats on this board and is proud to represent the needs of residential appraisers in state-wide lobbying efforts.  

UTCAP is also a member organization of the National Association of Appraisers and is part of their Board of Governors. With thousands of individual members nationwide as well as the memberships of state coalitions like UTCAP, the NAA has taken representation of appraiser's interest to a national level. Your UTCAP membership includes an affiliate membership to the NAA with a designated membership available for an additional fee. 

The UTCAP board is involved in current and ongoing changes on a state and national level and continues to fight for the Utah residential appraiser. 

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